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Furry Friend Friday – Mother’s Day

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It’s Furry Friend Friday – Mother’s Day! This week I’m sharing pictures and updates on Logan, our Golden Retriever puppy and the time we spend with our three kids. If you love Golden Retrievers, puppies or dogs in general then you’re going to enjoy following his antics each week.

Logan the Golden Dog - Mother's Day.

I hope you all had a good Mother’s Day!

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If you were missing your mother, a child or are struggling with infertility, then I send you big hugs. 
I know that the second Sunday in May can be a very difficult day for some, 

Winnie the cat with her momma. Logan the Golden Dog - Mother's Day.


Logan the Golden Dog - Mother's Day, giving the side eye.

Our three children came to visit us in our one bedroom apartment this past week. It was a tight squeeze, but it was wonderful having them all here with me for Mother’s Day.

Being a full-time mom when they were little and Mother’s Day rolled around all I wanted to do was have a day to myself to go Barnes & Noble or shopping.
Now that we’re separated by hundreds or thousands of miles, the best Mother’s Day present is just having them with me. 

Logan the Golden Dog - Mother's Day asleep on the floor with our son.

You can follow Logan the Golden Dog account on Instagram where you’ll see more pictures and adventures of our furry friend!

Logan the Golden Dog - Mother's Day, with our daughter..

While they were here we ate A LOT of food native to Rhode Island that they’ve been missing. We also went on a tour of The Breakers in Newport and had lunch with extended family to celebrate my nephew’s college graduation.  

We played a lot of cards – Wizard and Cards Against Humanity. Took Logan for walks and were able to go to the beach and visit Grandma. 

You can follow all of Logan’s antics here on my Instagram, too! You’ll see what our Furry Friend Friday pup is up to each day.

Logan the Golden Dog - Mother's Day, running on a trail.

Yesterday, Kurt and I took Logan on a trail hike and will resume the Saturday hikes we were doing back in Arizona. 
He LOVES to carry sticks (ok, small logs) with him when we’re out hiking. Either those or really LONG tree branches like his real-life brother, Indiana.

Logan the Golden Dog - Mother's Day, carrying a stick.

Notice the harness on his back? This 80+lb. pup has been pulling us something fierce on his leash, so I decided to buy him the EXPAWLORER Big Dog Harness you see him wearing above along with the BAAPET 5Ft. Strong Dog Leash.
Can I tell you, it’s made SUCH a difference in his behavior when we walk him! Even the kids were amazed at the change!

We now have more control and he doesn’t pull because when we pull him back the force of his harness lifts his front legs up and back. He’s more relaxed having the weight of the harness on him, too even though it isn’t very heavy. It’s truly been amazing and I can’t recommend it enough.



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So, that’s our week in a nutshell! We’ll be back again next week with more!
Have a great one!

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Logan the Golden Dog at Bartlett Reservoir, AZ.

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