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Food That Sounds Delicious

Food That Sounds Delicious

Have you noticed how we are drawn in by descriptions? Think about food for a minute. Years ago we ate macaroni and cheese, right? Then someone added lobster and took a picture of it. Suddenly, you had something craveable.

Well, that wasn’t enough. Now we need to describe the picture.

It’s not enough to call it Lobster Mac & Cheese. No, now, with apologies (or credit) to the brand names, it has to be Freshly Caught Maine Lobster drenched in Tillamook® Cheese folded into handmade bowtie pasta, baked until bubbly with a saltine crunch on the top. Or something like that.

Go Big Or Go Home

What sent me down this road was an email from someone named Hannah at Sutherland Gold. She asked quite nicely if we were working on any “fun summer snack roundups,” then described Big Daddy like this:

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