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  • Grilled Whole Eggplant | Epicurious
    Grilled Whole Eggplant | Epicurious

    Nestle a whole eggplant in the dying embers of a charcoal grill (or char it on the grates of your grill) and it’ll soften into a deliciously smoky, spoonable mush. An easy harissa vinaigrette poured over the top adds sweet, spicy flavor to this summertime appetizer.

  • Grilled Beet Salad | Epicurious
    Grilled Beet Salad | Epicurious

    Roasting whole beets on the grill (or on hot coals) until they’re completely blackened imparts an intense smoky flavor, and the charred skins slip off easily. Tossed in oil and vinegar and topped with burrata, cherries, and olives, this recipe is an exciting new take on beet salad.

  • Summer Spritzers with Eszter and Alfred
    Summer Spritzers with Eszter and Alfred

    There’s nothing quite like a cool refreshing spritzer on a warm summer day. Join our friends Eszter and Alfred as they discuss this scrumptious libation and the different types you can enjoy! –…

  • Strawberry-Raspberry Fools Recipe
    Strawberry-Raspberry Fools Recipe

    There are few joys greater than eating ripe berries straight from the carton. But here’s one: tossing them with sugar so they’re juicier and sweeter, then folding them into freshly whipped cream. Whipping the cream by hand means soft, billowy peaks—just right for folding in macerated berries. If you’d like, hold back a few berries for topping.

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