vegan cooking recipes
  • Sesame cookies
    Sesame cookies

    Sesame cookies : These soft little cookies have a double whammy of sesame flavour from toasted seeds combined with a little sesame oil.

  • Lemon tart
    Lemon tart

    Lemon tart : Lemon tart (tarte au citron) is one of France’s great classic desserts, though there are many different versions. This is more or less the classic version, with sweetcrust pastry and a creamy filling that uses both lemon zest and juice for a deliciously tart tart!

  • Comtoise apple charlotte
    Comtoise apple charlotte

    Comtoise apple charlotte : This “Comtoise” charlotte, inspired by the Franche-Comté region of eastern France, is a more rustic take on the famous dessert. It is made with sliced bread, lightly buttered and fried, then filled with sugared apple pieces, drizzled with clarified butter and baked.

  • Stuffed baguette
    Stuffed baguette

    Stuffed baguette : This baguette is “stuffed”, rather than merely filled: hollowed out and refilled with a tasty mix of sautéed onions, fried bacon bits and eggs, before browning in the oven. A useful way to use up a leftover baguette, even if it is already going dry. It makes a great dish that children love, and grown ups, too!

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