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  • Two-cheese vegetable gratin
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    Two-cheese vegetable gratin

    Two-cheese vegetable gratin : This is a vegetable gratin with a difference: 3 layers of different vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli and aubergine) with two different cheeses for a flavousome topping: Comté and Époisse.

  • Jelly-style plum jam
    Jelly-style plum jam

    Jelly-style plum jam : Lots of people make plum jam, but you can also elevate this to a rather elegant jelly, simply by removing the skins. It’s not a true jelly (this is normally made with juice), but leans towards that style: light and, above all, delicious.

  • Mexican salad
    Mexican salad

    Mexican salad : This Mexican-inspired salad combines red kidney beans with avocado, chopped onions and tomatoes. It is dressed with olive oil, lime and a touch of Tabasco heat.

  • Tabbouleh

    Tabbouleh : Tabbouleh is a Middle Eastern couscous salad., moistened with olive oil and lemon juice. Its flavour comes from plenty of fresh herbs (mint and parsley at the very least), onion and tomatoes. This refreshing dish is ideal for warm summer or autumn days.

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